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What are currency accounts and how to manage them?

A currency is a system of money in general use, in a particular country. Swinto accepts 4 different currencies and they are as follows: Euro, Swiss Franc, British Pound Sterling and Dollars.

Currency is a medium of exchange for goods and services. In short, it’s money, in the form of paper or coins, usually issued by a government and generally accepted at its face value as a method of payment.

A currency account on Swinto is your own account in one of the four supported currencies, with plans to support many more in the future.

This means that you can hold CHF, EUR, USD or GBP with Swinto and exchange them at any time. Be aware that each currency account has specific capabilities, such as for some currencies you can use to make purchases at merchant locations while others are more limited.

We are ever expanding these capabilities and want to allow you to pay, transfer and accept many currencies in future. Users can manage them this way:

Not only can you exchange money, you can also manage your currency account, and it’s super easy.

• Tap the ‘Profile‘ menu section on the bottom-right corner.

• Now tap ‘Currency manager‘.

Now you can see there’s not much to do, simply tap at any currency you want to deactivate or reactivate.

• Once you’ve chosen your currency you’ll see all the details where you have the option to ‘Deactivate‘.

We always make sure to send you a notification before you make any changes.

• You can either choose ‘Yes, deactivate account‘ or ‘Cancel‘ if you change your mind.

The same procedure applies if you want to activate an account, simply tap at the inactive currency, and activate it.

• You can always activate your account by just tapping ‘Activate‘.